Creating Space to Talk About Death & Dying

It’s the one thing that we all have in common……  We are all going to die.

Having worked in and around Palliative Care and trained over 100 volunteers to sit with patients in the last days and hours of their lives, it has become apparent to us that the majority of people find it hard to even say the words “death” and “dying”.

We have come up with over 32 euphemisms for death – you’d be surprised by just how many ways we avoid saying the D words (if you can think of more – do let us know!!)

So – we have created a workshop to address exactly this issue. We can deliver it to anyone – not just to professionals in hospitals or care homes (although we would love to hear from them to).

Death and dying is a human issue – and we are keen to engage as many of people as we can to have the conversation, dispel the myths, so we can live life to the full for as long as we’ve got.

Learning Objectives for the sessions are:



To understand what happens to someone in the last few days of life


Practical advice on how to support them in all settings ie home/care home/hospital


To explore why we find it difficult to talk about death and dying


To consider the different types of paperwork related to death and dying

The workshops are suitable for anyone who may be involved either professionally or personally with supporting people who are dying.  The sessions are relaxed and informative, allowing people to discuss and question our facilitators and dispel some of the myths surrounding this little talked about subject.

Each workshop is facilitated by an experienced member of the team at the Anne Robson Trust and is suitable for up to 25 participants.   We are currently offering to run these sessions free of charge. We would be grateful for a donation to help us continue to deliver the workshop to more groups. We will come to your place of work – making it easy for people to attend, and we will provide all materials, information sheets and certificates of attendance (if required).

For more information, to chat about how we do things, or to book a session please click on the link below, or email

We have had some invaluable feedback from participants so far…

Thank you for delivering another fantastic workshop. It’s so important to start the conversation about death and dying. It is possible to have a good death and so important for loved ones. My Mother died recently I remembered what I had learnt at your workshop about making the dying person more comfortable, I had the confidence to take in lavender for scent & played Mum’s favourite music filling the hospital room with comfort and love.

Vanessa, Hitchin

“Our Staff from Crossroads Care were a bit apprehensive about a workshop talking about death and dying. Afterwards they couldn’t praise it enough and felt privileged to be part of such a powerful and informative experience. It has helped our staff to enhance the way they support people at the end or nearing end of their life. With information gained staff can advise and empower family/friends of the dying person to make their wishes heard and where possible fulfilled. I would recommend all health professionals experience D word workshop.”

Crossroads Care Project Coordinator, Hitchin

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the workshop. Considering the subject it was an amazing experience.”

Crossroads Carer, Hertfordshire

The whole subject was dealt with respectfully, honestly and with humour. A great workshop that I would thoroughly recommend.

“Having attended the D Word Workshop this morning, I feel more confident in talking about death and dying with my patients and their families. The session was much more interactive than I was expecting without too many powerpoint presentations!”

“Very informative session. What I’ve learnt will help me on a daily basis in my role as a home carer.”

“I would recommend this workshop to all healthcare professionals – there are so many people who would find this learning beneficial.”

“In my role as a Chaplaincy Volunteer in an acute hospital, I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to attend the workshop.”

“It was so good to be able to listen to other peoples experiences and opinions, and share my own thoughts with the group. Much less clinical than I thought it would be. A very interesting morning.”

Death is a subject that people come to talk to us about as a mental health charity, so it is really important that our staff and volunteers are able to have this discussion in a meaningful way.

This training was really insightful; giving us an understanding into the process of dying and also allowed space to explore our own relationship with the subject. I would definitely recommend to anyone; it was uplifting, practical and insightful.


 Nicky, Mind in Mid Herts


For further information or to book a workshop, please contact: