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ART Butterfly Volunteers Won £618 at the February Harlow Soup!

We were very pleased to be invited to join in on a fundraising evening, local to The Princess Alexandra Hospital, called Harlow Soup, on Thursday 28th February.

Jo did a brilliant job with her four minute pitch, and we were delighted to win the money collected on the door – which totalled £618!

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The impact of ART on Specialist Palliative Care Team at PAH

Gill Hutchinson started working with the Specialist Palliative Care and End of Life team at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust in May 2018 as Macmillan Clinical lead.

We asked her to let us know how she finds working in a hospital with a group of specialist volunteers on hand to support her team… This is what she said…

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6 Months and Counting

Since starting work at The Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow in mid January 2018 – exactly 6 months ago this week – our fantastic team of ART Butterfly Volunteers have provided:

– 607 individual visits – to 247 patients who are nearing the end of their life
– That averages out at 23 visits per week, to just under 10 patients
– AND they have spent 355 hours by the bedside – which is nearly two hours per patient on average

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Why are we so passionate about what we do?

If you are wondering why the team at ART are so passionate about providing compassionate care to hospital patients in the last days and hours of their life, read on.

Below is some of the visit feedback from the fantastic team of ART Butterfly Volunteers at The Princess Alexandra Hospital Harlow. These stories speak for themselves… (names, genders and some personal information may have been changed to protect patient/family confidentiality)

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St. Clare Hospice

The Team at ART are always on the look out for similar schemes to ART Butterfly Volunteers, and this week Liz met St Clare Hospice CEO, Sarah Thompson, and Stacey Towler, who leads on their Compassionate Neighbours project. Once we had had a chance to hear about each others work – we agreed that the Compassionate Neighbour team really are the prequel to the ART Butterfly Volunteers. Spending time with people, in their own homes, in the weeks and months after their diagnosis.

ART have had to disappoint so many people who are keen to join our team, as spaces are limited, since the beginning of the year – and St Clare need more volunteers to become Compassionate Neighbours – so this seemed like an obvious solution!

We would love to hear from you if you would like more information… Here is a message from Stacey Towler, Compassionate Neighbours Manager at St Clare Hospice, Essex.

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ART Butterfly Volunteer Team Meeting

Whilst Jo & her husband, Paul, were having afternoon tea at The House of Lords (yes, really!) by invitation of our esteemed Patron, Dr Peter Carter, we had a very good meeting in the Lecture Theatre, Parndon Hall, Princess Alexandra Hospital, on a sunny afternoon in early June. We missed you Jo!

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Diary of an ART Butterfly Volunteer by Tanya Cotter

28thApril 2018

The first time I heard about the Anne Robson Trust was when I read an article posted by a local newspaper on Facebook. I was so moved by the content that I applied to become an ART Butterfly Volunteer seconds after reading it. Although I knew that the NHS was stretched and had limited resources, it really shocked me that there were people dying alone.

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